Interview Questions

General Interview Tips and Questions

No two job interviews are identical. Each position and each workplace is difference. These differences require different interview questions in order to see if you are a good fit for the company. Preparing answers for surprise questions is one of the main keys to a successful

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Bank Interview Questions

25 frequently asked in bank interview questions

1. What does ICFAI stands for?

Institute Of Chartered Financial Analysts Of India.

2. Tell me something about ICFAI?

The institution has been offering quality education to students across the country through its various programs in the field of higher education. The institution

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body language

Body language in job interviews Tips

Body gesture is important. Crucial. You can say what you need during a appointment, but if your whole body language tells some other story, you may be insecure, unreliable or maybe arrogant.

In previous articles or blog posts we wrote in regards to the importance of body

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Interview Preparation Tips and Guide

Preparing for a job interview

The job interview is a critical part of your task search because it’s a chance for the employer to understand if you’re befitting the job. This page provides you with information to prepare for your job interview to be able to make a constructive and lasting perception.

Before the appointment


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Job Interview Mistakes

Most Common Job Interview Mistakes

1: Don’t discuss pay too early

As the manager of your software store for decade, I can genuinely say that concerns about pay in the first interview from anyone aside from a temporary client always bothered me slightly. Temp jobs aside, if you are not really out there just for the money, asking this

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How to dress for an Interview

Preparation For Next Job Interview

Let’s say you happen to be going for the interview tomorrow. You have geared up yourself well to the occasion – expecting the questions and planning the answers – but maybe you have given a thought to what you will really wear?

If you’ve not peeked

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Interview Etiquette

Knowing proper appointment etiquette is a significant part of effective interviewing. How you dress, what you bring to your job interview, how you will greet the interview panel member, and how you communicate can all make a big difference in the results of the interview.


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Telephonic Interview

Telephonic Interview Guidelines

More recently, employers use telephone interviews as an easy way of identifying in addition to recruiting candidates pertaining to employment. Phone interviews are often used to screen candidates so that you can narrow the swimming pool of applicants that will be invited

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Technical Interview Questions

Technical interview – Introduction

A technical interview is a variety of interview that normally features questions which can be specific to the role you’ve got applied for. Technical interviews are usually used to determine candidates for techie or specialist scholar job positions (such as jobs inside

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Interviewer Panel

Preparation for face Panel of Interviewer.

Whether you would like jobs, looking for job avenues or climbing the organization ladder, you can’t get away team interviews right now. The problem will be that such interviews lack a pattern in their mind. They come in several forms. You might be facing your prospective

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